Gardening at Casa Colibri

I first saw the garden from Google Earth’s satellite photo; it looks like a medieval monastic garden. I scanned the town from above with one clue—Casa Colibri is next to one of the two rodeos in Hostotipaquillo. This photo of the garden is from the second floor. The toolsGardenshed roof is in the foreground. All the beds are enclosed with concrete blocks because in the rainy season a creek flows through and out through the garage and onto the street. The force of the water has washed soil from between the cobblestone of the lane.

The calle During the three weeks I was there I taught the new members basic organic gardening and answered  the questions of the experienced gardeners. We started with soil fertility and built two compost piles.  I showed them how to double dig. We made potting soil by sifting and mixing together compost, sand Chard, calendula, kholrabiand local pumice.

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