Landscape Design

The following is an outline of the design process:

Site Analysis:

  • observing environmental criteria
  • questioning clients about garden dreams
  • needs assessment, and available resources

Base Plan of the property measuring 1 inch = 4 feet or 8 feet from measuring and photographing the site.

Preliminary Plan: This plan will be a tissue overlay of the base plan, along with a suggested preliminary plant list and phases of installation.

Final Plan: Two sets of blueprints

  • Layout
  • Plant Schedule
  • Phases of Installation Notes

Organic Coaching

Garden walk-through with client offering written comments for soil fertility, pest management, appropriate water use, transitions to permanent garden beds, sheet mulching, fruit and perennial crop selection. Select bi-monthly, monthly, or seasonal plan.

Coaching could also include hands-on education of gardening techniques such as how-to implement garden design; pruning fruit trees and cane fruit; bed prep; compost making; insect ID; sowing seeds and dividing perennials.

Garden Renovation

Old gardens have a charm that is waiting for some editing to reveal their beauty: judicious pruning or shrub removal, widening paths, creating outdoor rooms from existing features. Garden consultation with written notes or design on paper.

Frageria with bee