Working with Jeanmarie in our garden has simply been a gift—without her we wouldn’t have survived our first couple of years on a new property. She has been our indefatigable cheerleader as well as a source of deep knowledge on everything from soil to compost to pruning to plant selection. Jeanmarie has been a joy to work with and we feel so lucky to have discovered her; her mentoring visits are like having tea with an old friend . . . one who comes loaded with ideas and observations and thoughtful counsel for how to help our natural spaces thrive in a way that is manageable to us. Often she has had a vision where we haven’t been able to see through the metaphorical (or literal) trees. We can’t recommend her enough!

SK, Bainbridge Island, WA

We have been planting and tending this land for 16 years now, but very haphazardly and in a “what we can, when we can” style, without always doing the necessary research and groundwork first. This has led to a number of disappointing failures. For years, my husband had been saying that we needed to hire someone to help us come up with a design that encompasses all of the things we want to do here. 

Jeanmarie was exactly the inspiration and organization we needed to help us take what works from the existing elements (and let go of what doesn’t), clarify what new elements we want to add, and incorporate them all into a clear and cohesive vision. I am appreciative of the emphasis she placed on preparing the soil and observing the weather/sun/seasons to discover the microclimates that exist here before putting a lot of time, money and energy into further planting. I am really looking forward to watching our vision come to life!

Heather Sanders, Quilcene WA


“Jeanmarie Morelli worked with my husband and me to create a landscape plan for our new property. She is very knowledgeable regarding all Northwest trees, plants, and shrubs as well as quite artistic in creating a pleasing garden design. She took our ideas and requests, merged them with her expertise, and transformed them into a straightforward plat drawing, a clear list of plants, and a suggested timeframe for installation. Jeanmarie is also a strong communicator, collaborator, and problem-solver which streamlined our project. Additionally, she is pleasant and personable. My husband and I valued our experience with Jeanmarie due to her professionalism, her willingness to ‘go the extra mile’, and her integrity. We heartily endorse Jeanmarie Morelli.”

Patricia Kane,
Port Townsend, WA


“After several years of trying to renovate and redesign an old garden, I discovered that I sadly lacked the knowledge to accomplish this task. So it was my good fortune to meet Jeanmarie Morelli who is a garden designer/horticulturist. She took stock of my garden taking into account the soil, water and drainage issues and designed a plan that not only looks splendid, but will look as good in February as it does in May.

Jeanmarie is a teacher, a writer, and a traveler, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm of the world of plants. I’m sure all who have interacted with her have gained immeasurably. Speaking for myself, I have altered my approach to gardening, incorporating the organic methods that Jeanmarie recommends and am greatly enjoying my garden now.”

Carolyn Richards,
Port Townsend, WA


“Jeanmarie did a great job helping us to landscape our small front yard. Beginning with nothing more than a bare patch of land and some vague ideas on our end, she designed a beautiful sanctuary and provided a detailed blueprint and planting schedule that we followed to do the work. Her input on native and low-water-requirement plantings was invaluable, and she was friendly and easy to work with from beginning to end. Our garden looks great today, thanks to Jeanmarie!”

Todd Manza,
Port Townsend


“I recommend Jeanmarie very highly after using her services over a number of years for a variety of landscaping design projects. She is extremely knowledgeable of local plants as well as all plants in general, since botany and horticulture are her life’s work and passion. She is punctual, well prepared, and highly organized. She spends the necessary time communicating with her clients, and she has a wealth of practical information which can only be gained through decades of experience. She is an avid researcher and has extensive professional connections. In short, I recommend Jeanmarie without reservation for all manner of gardening and landscape design challenges.”

Peter Balk,
Port Townsend

Jeanmarie helped us redesign our front garden, making it more attractive and easier to maintain. Her pruning of our fruit trees for the last two years has boosted their productivity. Jeanmarie’s knowledge of plants, both native and commercial varieties, is nothing short of amazing. And, her people skills and work habits make her a smart choice for any gardening project. I highly recommend Jeanmarie.

Noreen Parks,
Port Townsend