Why this blog?

I hope to be a voice for the emerging agrarian culture and to inspire others to discover it where they live.  To live this is to embrace a sense of place and eco-literacy, is to live in rhythm and harmony with the seasons.  This way of life gives us the potential for a sustainable future.

I believe that the more intimate we are with the food we eat; by giving thanks to all the beings who participated in the food on our plates, by coming together with loved ones to celebrate and consume what we have grown or gathered, the more content we become.

The most basic way to become intimate with our food is to raise it ourselves, be it in our home garden, or our terraces in the city, or working on nearby market gardens. As we become more confident in growing and preserving our produce, many of us explore more of the foods we regularly eat and in that way we develop a sense of edible literacy.

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